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Use your time to learn online!

Relaxed from home 

All you need to get started is a strong internet connection and a desktop computer, a laptop or a smartphone. Basic internet and emailing skills will be of advantage.
Our online meetings will take place on an online conference platform called Jitsi.

When you sign up for a training or one-to-one language coaching, I will send you an e-mail with clear instructions of how to get onto Jitsi and how to work with it. Before our first online meeting, I will give you a free 30-minute live introduction into the basic features of the platform.

Whether you use your time to get ahead personally or professionally or whether you want to learn a new language to keep mentally fit, here you can find the course or coaching programme that is appropriate for you.

You can learn in a group course or sign up for an individual one-to-one training. 

Online Group Courses| General English
Get onto an existing course or simply call for more information about new online group programmes. Like in my face-to-face courses, I will support you with motivating and varied methods and materials and you will learn in a relaxing, respectful and fun learning environment. 

Online One-to-one Coachings | Englisch
As a certified  Neurolanguage Coach©, I do not only have a long-standing experience as a language trainer. Bringing in some of the latest findings of neuroscience and well-proven coaching strategies allows me to help you make your learning process faster and more efficient. In a 30- to 45-minute-long initial session we can assess your base level, define your learning goals and together design the road map for your learning journey. This way you decide where you want to go with the language and how fast you can and want to get there. 

Online One-to-one Coachings | German 

As a certified trainer of German as a foreign language I can use the same method to support you if you want to improve your German skills. Also for German learner, the NeuroLanguage Coaching© method is a way of learning the language faster, more efficiently and with a more lasting effect.

Get onto an existing course or simply call for more information about new online group programmes.